Time Cube


Cubic Time is truth.

Show all your friends that you are not educated stupid. You know that time can only be measured by the Time Cube!
Humans are cubes, not entities. Math is evil, all numbers equal zero. There are 4 24 hour days each day. You’re missing out on 3 happy hours every single day! People will be impressed and amazed that you have been able to overcome your educated stupid upbringing and know the truth about cubic time.

Navy shirt with blue printing of an accurate, stylized time cube proclaiming “Cubic time is truth”.

This shirt is a 100% cotton tshirt. It is professionally, factory screen printed and of high quality. This is not a heat transfer or iron-on. It is a true screen print. Please make sure to check the size chart to find the perfect fit.

  • 100% heavy weight cotton
  • Screen printed, high quality, professional print
  • Men’s Sizes
  • Incredibly dramatic


type: Shirts by: ED Tshirts
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